Bernadette my saviour Virgin.

Warning: I’m going to have a few unhappy customers!

Most friends probably realise that I don’t keep bees for the honey millions I could be making, but for pollination of my veggies and my neighbours veggies and, hell while I’m at it, for our future.

But even I admit it was a pretty disappointing harvest after over 3 months.

I had 3 of 4 hives swarm just pre-Covid.

Bernadette’s harvest. All Virgin supers are 8-frame Ideals; easier to manage for a chick with a busted shoulder!

And while 2 recoveries were successful, they only just got their honey supers.

Only Bernadette had any honey for me (note they all have more than sufficient honey stores).

Isn’t it a beauty!

A standard full super harvest is 15-17 kg. This harvest, 50%.

This is already SOLD to @theplantlounge for their lovely customers.

For anyone who doesn’t think we are still in drought, previous years harvest at this time of year, is around 75kg. Yesterday I got 8kg.

#theforgottendrought #backyardbees #indaburbs #whatchoogrowing?

New new but different

When I started Virgin Honey, I decided to use my branding skills and branding buddies to help with my packaging.

It really is amazing the difference a stand out bottle can make but, as I learned the hard way, it can also lead to a lot of wasted time, frustration and headaches.

So in with the new. It took me a while to find an off the shelf model that worked, but I’m very happy with the results!

So presenting…..same deliciousness, same label, same sizes – new Virgin bottles!!!

Tamper proof and a little less sticky! Order via email or txt.

…. even after 20 years in the industry, the internet can take things out of context…

Ok so really, the headline was going to read something less salubrious but I’m friends with my dad on Facebook.

You see, Virgin honey is pure, small batch honey from Virginia. Geddit? A (what I thought) clever play on words. Simple.

Being a part of the marketing industry, I thought I knew all the pitfalls of starting a brand. So ….URL bought, ABN done, business name registered. Google check that there weren’t others listed by that name (there is but not in Qld).

It wasn’t until I told a colleague what the name was that I found out my very big mistake.

Friends of you are looking for my website google word search … not google videos!

Coming to stockists near you!

I’ll admit that I am somewhat a “gunna do it” kind of gal when it comes to kick starting some of my personal projects. Many friends are nodding as they read this.

And to be vaguely fair to myself, it’s tough trying to start a side project when you are working full time. So fast forward to now and I’m excited to be taking some me time to get Virgin Honey out there!

With the boot up the backside from my gorgeous neighbor Benita Orwell, I’ve now got a gig for Virgin Honey at Putia Pure Food Kitchen.

If you have or know of a fantastic cafe, deli or providore that’s Northside Brisbane and supports local produce, please email me or txt because I’d love to get it to as many locations as are convenient!

Sorry Masterchef contestant Bennie!

My wonderful nearby neighbour and Masterchef 2017 contestant Benita Orwell has been a massive fan of Virgin Honey since I got my first hive.

Given our mutual passion for organic and local produce, good wine, good times and lots of laughs, it was a pleasure to be asked to supply sampler jars of Virgin honey for guests at  Bennie’s first Ladies Long Lunch.

Much to my dismay, Bennie’s first Ladies Long Lunch which will be held next Wednesday is on a day I simply cannot take off from work. If you are fortunate to have the day free for some awesome food, I highly recommend booking in.





Busy bees

It’s a week today since I got my girls and a lot of frenetic energy has been spent both inside and outside the hive settling them in! It’s only been 3 days since I transferred them from their 5 frame nuke box to their 8 frame home but already they’ve started to build our all 3 additional foundation frames and the brood is looking exceptionally healthy. Great to see!