How much?

Because I harvest my honey in small batches, I only sell small quantities – small bottles  370g, large bottles 710g, 1kg and 3kg tubs.

Virgin honey is unique. Each batch is a maximum of 8 honey frames which equates to approximately 12 kgs in a single harvest from a single hive.

This ensures you are getting the unique flavour of the flora the bees are foraging at that time.

Pricing is based on the current industry honey price plus packaging:

370g bottle = $7.50

710g bottle = $12.50

To order email: or text 0424 416 317.

If you have any questions, simply fill in your details below and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

Pick up available on weekends and some weeknights (subject to availability)

Prices are subject to change based on industry pricing and demand

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