Bernadette my saviour Virgin.

Warning: I’m going to have a few unhappy customers!

Most friends probably realise that I don’t keep bees for the honey millions I could be making, but for pollination of my veggies and my neighbours veggies and, hell while I’m at it, for our future.

But even I admit it was a pretty disappointing harvest after over 3 months.

I had 3 of 4 hives swarm just pre-Covid.

Bernadette’s harvest. All Virgin supers are 8-frame Ideals; easier to manage for a chick with a busted shoulder!

And while 2 recoveries were successful, they only just got their honey supers.

Only Bernadette had any honey for me (note they all have more than sufficient honey stores).

Isn’t it a beauty!

A standard full super harvest is 15-17 kg. This harvest, 50%.

This is already SOLD to @theplantlounge for their lovely customers.

For anyone who doesn’t think we are still in drought, previous years harvest at this time of year, is around 75kg. Yesterday I got 8kg.

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