What is Virgin Honey

Virgin Honey is honey that is unadulterated – either through heating or micro filtering. It’s honey straight from the hive.

As an amateur new-bee apiarist (bee keeper), I am still learning about the world of bees and of bee keeping. One of the many interesting but disappointing things I have learned is that even honey that is marketed as “local” is often a mixture of locally sourced honey and honey from hives much further afield. It’s not possible to predict when there will be a honey flow, so commercial apiarists often outsource some of their honey to meet demand.

My aim is to stay small and produce and sell products made solely from the honey from my own hives situated at Virginia in Brisbane. Being inner-city hives, my bees will forage a range of native and introduced species which I will keep you posted about. Usually, it takes around 2-3 weeks after flowering for honey to be harvested so you can keep track of the honey bouquet that you like best.

6 thoughts on “What is Virgin Honey

    • Hi Flin
      Sorry for being so slack in my reply to you! 0424 416 317. I am available for pick up after 6pm nights and on most weekends. Cost is $9.95 for 710 g jar $5.20 for 370 g jar.


    • Hi Shelley
      I am in negotiations with some local cafes/shops to sell soon but til then you can pickup from 8 Nixon St, Virginia. Please call/text first to ensure I am home.


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